"...computers are great when they are working, but a nightmare when they go wrong..."

Here at DTV PC Support we understand the inconvenience a computer system can cause when things go wrong. We offer a complete computer repair and upgrade service to ensure your machine is running at peak performance at all times.

If your computer has developed a fault, needs hardware or software upgrades or is just running slowly, please do get in touch.

We will travel to your home or office premises to solve your problem. 98% of faults can be solved on site.

For computers that require upgrades or need more investigation we will bring your equipment back to our office. This way we can work on your machine causing you minimal disruption. Computers are then returned super fast usually within a couple of days at a time that is suitable for you.

Our computer repair and upgrade services include:


We will repair your computer in the comfort of your home or office. If we have to take your computer, it will be returned to you within just a couple of days. 


Software problems contribute to a major percentage of all computer faults so we can easily rectify problem software to get you back up and running. All problems are diagnosed and explained to you in 'easy to understand' terms.


Hardware upgrades can drastically improve the speed of your computer. Simply upgrading the RAM inside your computer is cost effective but can speed things up. 

Other upgrades include bigger or secondary hard drives. These enable you to store more files (such as precious photos or documents). Whatever your PC upgrade requirements may be, please do contact us.


Maybe you would like to update your operating system or Microsoft Office package. We can carry out all software upgrades specifically to your requirements.

We can also change the way your software looks which can make some programs much easier to use and understand.


Contact us to discuss your software upgrade requirements.

Of course, if you have one of those unusual problems, please do still get in touch. We can help with all problems computer related, however unusual they are. We look forward to hearing from you. PC Support. Getting you back up and running in no time...


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