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Computer Networking

Computer Networking Kent

DTV PC Support can assist you with the installation, set up and maintenance of your home or office network. If needed we can supply the equipment, routers, switches etc to ensure you are getting the most out of your setup.

You have the choice of having a wired network or a wireless network. For home installations, a wireless network is a good idea as no cabling is required. therefore minimal disruption is caused to your home. For office installations, a wired network can be a good idea.

Whichever network option you choose, modern technology enables you to enjoy extremely high speeds and reliability whether you are wired or wireless.

Security can be an issue when setting up networks, so when we carry out an installation, we ensure that only you can access your files, etc. This is done by setting a unique security code that only your computers know.

There are many benefits to having a computer network. Some of these include:

  • You can share your files from one computer to another on your setup.

  • You can print from multiple computers to just one printer saving you valuable space.

  • You can access the internet on multiple computers from just one connection.

  • If wireless, you can access the internet or print from anywhere in the house or even garden. 

If you are thinking about having a new computer network setup in your home or office or are having problems with an existing one, Please get in touch.

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