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PC Repairs & Support

Here at DTV PC Support, we understand the inconvenience a computer system can cause when things go wrong. We offer a complete computer repair and upgrade service to ensure your machine is running at peak performance at all times.

If your computer has developed a fault, needs hardware or software upgrades or just running slowly, please do get in touch.

We will travel to your home or office premises to solve your problem. 98% of faults can be quickly solved on site.​

For computers that require upgrades or need more investigation we will bring your equipment back to our office. This way we can work on your machine causing you minimal disruption. Computers are then returned super fast, usually within a couple of days at a time that is suitable for you.

Repairs & Issues
Computer Repairs Kent

Our technicians will repair your computer in the comfort of your home or office. If we have to take your computer, it will be returned to you within just a couple of days.

Software problems contribute to a large percentage of all computer faults, so we can easily rectify problem software to get you back up and running. All problems are diagnosed and explained to you in 'easy to understand' terms.

Hardware Upgrades
Hardware Upgrades Kent

Hardware Upgrades can drastically improve the speed of your computer. Simply upgrading the RAM inside your computer is cost effective, but can speed things up.

Other upgrades include secondary hard drives. These enable you to store more files such as precious photos or documents.

Whatever your PC upgrade requirements may be, our technicians can help!

Software Upgrades
Computer Software Upgrades Kent

Maybe you would like to update your operating system or Microsoft Office package. Our technicians can carry out all software upgrades to your requirements.

We can also change the way your software looks, which can make some programs much easier to use and understand.

Contact us to discuss your software upgrade requirements.

Many of the problems a computer user faces can seem really daunting, our engineers are here to correct these issues in a quick, stress free way, leaving you to carry on using your computer whilst running at its optimal performance.

A few of the common problems our engineers can help with are internet and email issues, virus removal, software installation, slow running machines and windows errors.

Virus Removal
Virus Removal London

Slow running computers can be an indication of an underlying problem such as a virus or malware infection on your machine.

Virus and malware infections come in many different forms. Some will simply slow your machine down, but others will stop you using your machine. One call to us and we will safely remove the virus or malware infection and get you back up and running quickly.

Windows Issues
Windows Errors

Microsoft Windows errors can crop up for all kinds of reasons ranging from outdated drivers to corrupt files.

Windows is the main software backbone of a PC, so when errors do appear, they need to be dealt with correctly. If you have ever seen the 'blue screen' when switching your computer on, you will know what we mean. Please do get in touch and one of our technicians will rectify it for you.

Internet Problems
Email & Internet Problems

We can assist you in setting up email accounts and your internet connection to get you online and sending emails in a flash!

If you need help setting up a wireless router or are having issues connecting to the internet, give us a call. We can help! 


If your internet is down and you can't get online or check your emails, why not let us solve the mystery?

Software Problems
Software Problems Kent

If you have purchased new software and are not sure how to install it or set it up, our technicians can help get you up and running.

Installing software correctly can ensure it is running at peak performance and not slowing your computer down. Incorrectly installed software can cause issues.

When your software decides to stop working, it can be caused by many different factors. We will get to the root of the problem for you.

Computer Setup
Computer Setup Kent

Just purchased a new desktop or laptop computer and not sure where the cables go or what happens next?

We offer a complete computer installation and setup service. We will set up your new computer in your home or office ensuring all cables are connected correctly.

We will then configure the operating system and software to get you up and running. Your internet connection and email can also be configured at the same time.

Business IT Support
Business IT Support

We can provide full support for your business to ensure that if you have any computer related problems, they will be dealt with promptly.

Our technicians can offer fast on site response making sure your business if not affected if your computers should go down.

We can work outside office hours to ensure your workers are not disrupted, provide full network support and create a service that is unique to your business.

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